Five Valleys

I am pleased you are visiting my page.  I apologize that my house is so messy, but it is under construction.
Currently the links are mostly connected and you can get "there and back again," as Bilbo Baggins might put it.

DECLARATION: In these times it is very easy to distrust our government; it totters on the edge of being a tool
of the giant corporations and hence a tyranny ruled by predatory capitalists. Some of my friends
hide their lives from the ubiquitous and prying tendrils of Big Brother. Perhaps I should do the same,
but I shall not ... not yet anyway. I will stand and show myself as what I am. I am an artist after all
and that's what many artists do. I hope to remain honest and open and if the hand of government
should be brought against me, then any belief in our government's righteousness shall cease.
At least for me.

You can travel one of five valleys from this point.

  •   MY WIFE, MY SELF AND US   A picture of me, one of Nancy, and one of us, then some telling details
    about the home I share with the lovely Daisy May and various flora and fauna. SANCTUARY SYLVAN.

  •  WRITING   Here are some representative examples of my distinctive writing,
    and my short story, "Helldivers", in its entirety.   This short story was published
    in the US and in Europe and nominated for a Nebula Award.

  •   PORTFOLIO   Here you can see a sample of Parris' representational, traditional, concrete
    two-dimensional art as well as some digital work.

  •  COTTONWOOD SOCIETY   On the Cottonwood Society path you may discover and explore
    • a) THE CINDERELLA SALON, a community of professional and literary writers and poets
    • b) and some interesting material about a woodcarving society of backwoods
      woodcarvers, including a catalog of commissionable work.

  •  WEBSITE CREATION   In addition to this, my webhome, I have created websites for others.

  • Contact Parris if you have questions,
    need artwork, desire a simple webpage design,
    or have a writing project you would like to complete.

    My address is:
    Parris ja Young
    Plateau Mountain Publications
    931 Sanctuary Way
    Alberton, MT 59820
    Telephone: 1-406-722-4453


    Updated: 14.07.07 and may never be finished ...

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    You are invited to visit the sites of other friends
    Visit this site to see some truly unique kaleidoscopes. Communicate with Bryan
    and learn about his top-secret advances. Look at the awesome leaded glass work
    he has done ... I own two of his works; the "Prisms in Smoket" and
    "Spirograph". Spirograph is very clever; it is actually two layers of
    cresent-shaped colored glass pieces overlapping one another to create the full
    color spectrum. I very much like this piece and will some day, some how, set it
    in the perfect foil for display.
    Visit this site if you, like I, feel that unless citizens of the United States,
    AND citizens of the rest of the planet as well, start to cooperate and take some action together,
    we all may lose our personal sovereignity as we lose the environment
    which grants us, and all major living things, life.

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